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Cabin Crew Salary: Aviation Industry

Cabin Crew Salary: Aviation Industry

May 7, 2024

Young student chooses their career very carefully. They check all the aspects of that field and then only they decide after comparing all of them in all the aspects and according to their interest. So one of the brightest field to choose as a career is cabin crew. The opportunities and the salary structure in this sector is damn good. There are a lot more perks and benefits in this sector. So this article is also based on cabin crew salary. Cabin crew is also known as the flight attendants. They attend all the passengers who are in the flight. They try to solve the issues and fulfil the demands of the passengers. There are both male and female in cabin crew. The male one are known as hosts. On the other hand, the female one is known as air hostess. This article comprised of everything that you want to know about cabin crew. So waiting for what let’s explore everything about it.

Cabin Crew Salary

Cabin crew is one of the greatest field to choose as a career. The salary structure is also increasing with the time. As in previous times people does not use to travel from the flights due to the costs. But now everyone is going to somewhere through flights to take the experience of the flight. This is the reason that airline industry getting a good growth and for that they also need more people for cabin crew. The salary may differ according to the airlines and the areas in which they are travelling. So let’s have a look on the salary structure of cabin crew.

The salary of a cabin crew if he or she is a fresher fall between 25000 to 45000. Now if a cabin crew person contains 1 to 3 years of experience then the salary will range between 50000 to 65000. Cabin crew with the experience of more than 3 years and less than 5 years than the salary will be 65000 to 80000. If the experience will be more than 5 years then the salary will range from 85000 to 100000.

The starting salary in Air India is 25000 to 40000 per month for the fresher. Now if the person is experienced than the salary will be 40000 to 60000.

If we talk about the salary of a cabin crew in Go First airline, then it is 15000 to 30000 for fresher and 30000 to 35000 for experienced.

The cabin crew salary in Spice Jet airline, is 20000 to 30000 for fresher. The salary of an experienced one is 30000 to 50000

Cabin Crew Salary in different Countries

The annual pay of cabin crew in Australia is $50000. Whereas in United Arab Emirates the annual pay of a cabin crew is $65000. In France the annual pay of cabin crew is $55000. If we see the annual of Singapore, then it is $60000. Germany pay an annual pay of $50000. United States of America pays $35000.

Pros: Cabin Crew Salary

There are a lot of benefits the cabin crew gets. They get the discounted flight tickets. It can be for their friends, and family. They also get a free annual vacation. Their stay after the job is also free. The airline take care of their stay and meals. They also get a lot of discounts on the international products. Moreover, they get the chance to travel the world for free. Cabin crew is literally on world tour throughout their career.

Cons: Cabin Crew Salary

Everything comes with some disadvantages. So does this. The cabin crew is a bright field to pursue for your future but the timings and the shifts are so unusual that it can make your day and life a bit hectic. They face jet lag. If they are having a habit of sleeping at 8 pm in India, then if they are in some other country where it is 8 pm but according to India the time is different. So such kind of issues the cabin crew faces. Now along with this they also face the passengers with different mind-sets. Everybody demands a different things and sometime some of the passengers behave very badly and in that case also the cabin crew needs to handle the things with patience and peace.

Cabin Crew Salary
Cabin Crew Salary


Lastly, we want to say that Cabin Crew Salary is good enough to live a brilliant life. As along with the salary they also get other benefits. They get a good discount on their travel. Moreover, they also get the accommodation. Everything is good. Still some of the things they have to face as we have mentioned above. The biggest problem is jet lag. You sleep in the night but you are not able to sleep in the night just because you are in some other country. Else everything is brilliant in this field. Now allow us and stay connected.

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