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SBI PO Salary: In-Depth Analysis

SBI PO Salary: In-Depth Analysis

May 7, 2024

Many of you want to know the salary of an SBI PO. Right? Well, if this is the case, then in this blog you will be provided with all the information above the same. Truly, through this blog, you will get to know how much is paid to the probationary officer of SBI. You just need to stick around with this blog till the end of the discussion. This blog is all about sbi po salary.

Moreover, at the same time, this fact has also been considered that you might be having several doubts and questions related to the same. However, no worries. This blog comes up to provide you with the best and most accurate info about the salary of SBI Probationary Officer. Furthermore, this blog is going to be very engaging and informative for those who want to become a PO in SBI. You just need to be enthusiastically present around this blog till the end of it. Hence without wasting any time, let us start this blog. As a consequence, it is time to start with this article. 

About SBI PO Salary

The SBI PO is a reputed and respectful job. It is an attractive opportunity to all the banking aspirants. As soon as the vacancy for this post is released, so many candidates compete for this post. However, many of the candidates are not aware of the salary offered to the SBI PO. 

Notably, the basic pay offered to an SBI Probationary Officer is 41,960 including 4 advanced increments. The salary of an SBI Probationary Officer as per the revised Bipartite Settlement with four increments is 36,000-1490/7-46430-1740/2 – 49910-1990/7-63840. This specifies that the Probationary Officer will will get a basic salary of ₹36,000 with an increment of ₹1490 for the next 7 years, followed by a basic salary amount of ₹46430 along with an yearly increment of ₹1740 for the next two years. Hence, the maximum pay offered to the SBI PO can be around ₹63,840. 

SBI PO Salary Structure 

The initial in hand salary of an SBI Probationary Officer is ₹52000 to ₹54000. Moreover, given below is the salary structure of the salary of an SBI Probationary Officer.

Basic Salary – ₹41,960

Special Allowance – ₹6881

Dearness Allowance – ₹12,801

Location Allowance – ₹700

Learning Allowance – ₹600

HRA – ₹2937

Gross Salary – ₹65,780

Deduction – ₹12,960

Net Salary – 52,820

SBI PO Salary Deduction 

From the gross salary, there are certain deductions from the salary, after which the in hand salary of ₹52,820 is offered to the SBI PO. 

PF contribution – ₹4196

Income tax – ₹3290

Professional tax – ₹200

Contribute pension fund ₹5274

Total deductions from salary – ₹12,960

SBI PO Allowances

There are various allowances offered to the SBI PO along with the salary. These are given below:

Dearness Allowance – 26% of the basic salary 

City Compensation Allowance – 3-4% depending upon the location

House Rent Allowance – 7-9% depending upon the posting

Furniture Allowance – ₹120000

Medical Allowance – 100% covered for the employee 

Traveling Allowance – AC 2 tier is reimbursed to the employee

Petrol Allowance – ₹1100 – 1250

Books, Newspaper, Entertainment Allowance – varies

SBI PO Perks

Along with the attractive salary, there are several perks and benefits offered to the SBI PO. These are given below:

Contribution Pension Scheme/New Pension Scheme.

Medical aid for self as well as for the family.


Home Travel Concession/ Leave Fare Concession

Concessional interest rates for car/housing and personal loans. 

Job profile and Promotion 

All the candidates who were shortlisted for this position have to go through a training process in which basic knowledge of this position. In addition to this, the candidates are required to sign a bond of ₹2 lakh. Then they are going to serve the bank for a minimum time period of 3 years. 

Apart from that, the promotion exams are also conducted every year by SBI through which you can increase the position and salary of your job profile. However, before promotion, a probationary officer must serve 2 years in the bank. After that, he is eligible for the promotion as follows:

Assistant Manager 

Deputy Manager 


Chief Manager

Assistant General Manager 

Deputy General Manager 

General Manager 

Chief General Manager

Deputy Managing Director 

Managing Director 


SBI PO Salary
SBI PO Salary

Final words 

Without a doubt, sbi po salary is attractive and alluring to all the banking aspirants. Hence, candidates who are looking forward to get selected for this post, should have at least basic knowledge of this position. Also, you need to serve at least 3 years at the bank if you want to get hired for this position. Moreover, it is a good job opportunity with an initial pay of ₹41960. However, after all the deductions, you will receive ₹52820 as the net salary. Henceforth, you may apply for this post. Tell us your thoughts on the same in the comments section. See you in the next blog with some other engaging topics. Till then, bye. Have a nice day folks!

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