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Julia Carey: The Wife of James Corden

Julia Carey: The Wife of James Corden

Apr 9, 2024

Are you aware of this amazing personality known as James Corden? Do you know her wife? Moreover, in this piece of letter, we are going to talk about the same. This blog is all about the wife of James Corden. By all means, this blog will be a biography of the wife of James Corden, Julia Carey.   

Moreover, we are still aware of this fact that you might be having several concerns or doubts related to her—however, no worries friends. This blog comes up to provide you with the best possible information available to us about Julia Carey. Further, this is going to be a very informational and at the same time very engaging blog. You just need to present around with us till the end of this article. Most importantly, we surely value your time so we will not be wasting more of it. So, we are going to begin this blog right now. 

About Julia Carey

Julia Carey is indeed is popularly known as the wife of a famous American actor named James Corden. Julia’s birthdate is 25th May, 1976 and she took birth in England. Moreover, her birth sign is Gemini. In addition to this, talking about her profession, she is renowned as a brilliant actor and producer of American TV. Notably, she has done some great tv shows in her career such as A Bunch of Fives, Wings, Enemy at the Door, and many more. However, she is more popular by her husband’s name as he is one of the biggest stars in the American Film Industry. Additionally, she is a great and established actor but her works are overlapped by her husband’s work. 

Further, James says that Julia has contributed a lot to his life. She is the one who is behind her personal and professional life. He always says that Julia is her inspiration and always supports him whenever he needs her or feels low. James dedicated all his awards and achievements to his wife Julia as she is always by his side. Not only this, apart from her astonishing career, she is also a mother of three children and a caring wife. She knows her duties very well and manages all the tasks properly. Now, we are going to discuss some personal info about Julia Carey. 

Personal info on Julia Carey

Full name – Julia Carey

Nickname – Julia

Birthdate – 25th May, 1976

Birthplace – England

Birth Sign – Gemini

Profession – American actor and TV producer 

Husband – James Corden 

Children – Carey Corden, Charlotte Corden, Max Corden

Height – 5 feet 5 inches 

Weight – 55 kg

Hair colour – blonde 

Eye colour – Blue 

Religion – Christianity 

Career of Julia Carey

Julia was so passionate about her dream that she wanted to pursue acting as her career. Moreover, she succeeded in this and started her acting career by coming in various TV shows such as Wings, Enemy at the Door, A Bunch of Five and Within These Walls. After that, she switched her career and became a TV producer. Additionally, in a show of 2009, she has her contribution to a charity show named Save the Children Moreover, she also supported her husband James Corden who is a famous star in the American Film Industry. 

Relationship of Julia Carey

Julia Carey is the wife of renowned actor James Corden. Julia met James in the year 2009 in a party through a mutual friend. At that time, James was heartbroken as his ex-girlfriend Sheridan Smith, who is a famous actress, ditched him. After that, at the party, James’s friend Cooper introduced him to Julia and then both started their journey of love. Moreover, James confronted his love for Julia in 2010. In addition to this, the couple got married on 15th of September, 2012 and their wedding place was Babington House in Somerset. 

Furthermore, the couple has three children named Corey Corden, Charlotte Corden and Max Corden. Talking about Julia, she is a caring wife and a good mother. She understands all of her responsibilities, completes all the tasks and manages to spend the remaining time with her husband and children.

Net Worth

The net worth of Julia Carey is expected to be around $5 million. Most of her earning are from her primary career which is TV producer and some earnings include as career as an actor. 

Julia Carey
Julia Carey


In brief, Julia Carey is a respectful, caring and great wife as well as mother. She is the wife of a brilliant actor James Corden and mother of 3 beautiful children. Currently, she is working as a TV producer. Let us know your opinion on Julia Carey in the comments section. 


  • Julia Carey is a kind Woman as she is always involved in some kind of charity. 
  • She is fond of acting and attending theatre workshops, that is the reason she is a successful actor and a TV producer. 
  • Julia loves spending time with her family, especially with her children. 
  • She is the wife of a well-established actor James Corden.
  • Julia always supports her husband James.
  • She is an occasional smoker.
  • Julia is believed to consume alcohol. 

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