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Ana Cheri: Career, Physical Stats, and More

Ana Cheri: Career, Physical Stats, and More

May 1, 2024

Some of you might have heard the name of this famous personality named Ana Cheri. Moreover, In this piece of letter, you will be provided with the complete information on this amazing personality. For the Ana cherry fans, it is going to be a very interesting article. You just need to stick around with this blog till the end of it. This blog is all about Ana Cheri

Moreover, this fact has been considered that you might be having several doubts and questions in your mind related to her. However, no worries. This blog comes up to provide you with the best possible info available about this personality. You just need to be actively present around this blog till the end of it. Furthermore, this blog is going to be very engaging and exciting for Ana Cheri fans. Hence, without wasting any time, it is time to start this blog.

About Ana Cheri

Ana Cheri is a well-known model and an Instagram influencer with more than 12 million followers on social media. Notably, she took birth on 16th of May, 1986 in Anaheim, California, United States of America. However, Shiv was brought up in South California. By the age of 23, she started appearing in several posters and magazines as a model. She is a great model who has worked with great companies and brands such as K&N filters, Moskva underwear, Monster Energy and Ultimate ArmWrestling League. Moreover, she is the brand ambassador for shredz. 

Apart from this, she was featured as the Maxim Instagram girl of the week. Not only this, she was also featured in the famous Playboy magazine as well. Apart from that, she has a great personality and she looks gorgeous. Without any doubt, she is a pretty woman with a pretty face and perfect body. In addition to this, she is a rising model and getting famous and getting attention day by day. Moreover, she has secured a good amount of followers on her social media. She also endorses several brands and other companies to earn her income. Furthermore, she also has a YouTube channel where she upload videos related to her lifestyle and make up tutorials. She also posts fitness content on her YouTube channel and other social media accounts as well.

Ana Cheri: Career

She started her career as a model when she was 23. At this age, she started appearing in several posters and magazines as a great model with a good portfolio. During this phase, she also worked for advertising events such as Fox Racing and the Long Beach Grand Prix D1. Not only this, she starred in several commercials. Apart from that, in October 2015 she posed nude for the famous magazine named playboy for which she gained so much fame and attention. Also, she was given the title of New Queen of Instagram and was featured by Maxim as Instagram Girl of the Week. Furthermore, she also began the band and motivational speaker for the famous brand named Shredz. 

Ana Cheri: Personal life and husband

The model is married to fitness trainer Ben Morland. He’s a great personal trainer, who provides fitness training to the clients. Moreover, she has also shown her husband in some of her YouTube videos and talked about living a healthy lifestyle. Apart from that, she loves her husband so much and always supports him whenever he needs her. She is a caring wife with a decent personality. She uploads videos on our YouTube channel where she shows lifestyle and makeup tutorials. Not only this, she also makes fitness vlogs where she usually shows his husband Ben fitness.

Net Worth of Ana Cheri

Ana cheri, she earns a good amount of money through modeling career as well as from her social media accounts. Apart from that, she also earned a good amount of money from her home gym in Santa Anna. Hence, her net worth can be calculated as around $1.5 million. She also earns a good amount from her YouTube channel where she posts lifestyle, makeup tutorials and fitness related content.

Height and weight she is a fit model with a well-maintained physique. She has a height of 5’7”. Moreover, body measurement is around 34-25-36 inches. Her bra size is 34 inches and she wears shoes of size 8 US.

Ana Cheri
Ana Cheri

Final words

Without a doubt, Ana Cheri is a famous personality with a great physique. She has a strong personality and looks gorgeous. Apart from that, she is a well known model and is known for promoting several brands, including Moskova underwear, K&N Filters and many more. Tell us your thoughts on her in the comment section. so, that’s all in this blog. We have covered ample information about her. Hope you like this article. See you in the next blog with some other and interesting topics. Till then, bye. Have a nice day ahead!


  • Ana was born in Anaheim, California. However, she was brought up in Southern California.
  • She started her modeling career at the age of 23.
  • She posed nude for the famous magazine named as Playboy in October, 2015.
  • She won titles like new Queen of Instagram and Instagram girl of the week.
  • She is the brand ambassador and a motivational speaker for the famous brand named Shredz.
  • She is married to the personal trainer, named Ben Moreland.

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